Hydraulic Hospital Transfer Cart for BT201C

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Hydraulic Hospital Transfer Cart for BT201C

Basic functions:

1. Specification: 1930*663*510-850 mm,Back tiltiing:0-70°

2. Safety working load 170KG

3. Back lifting system: Back lifting is controlled by silent air spring.

4. High and low adjustment: Metal rocker system, overload protection function, not easy to break.

5. Bed board: PP resin moulded products.

6. Frame: Made of steel/part of aluminium products.

7. Guardrail board: PP resin formed two side guardrail board, height 300 mm, patients are safer, can also be fixed horizontally, increase the width of the bed, so that the infusion arm has a comfortable place to place; and with double safety locks for locking, to prevent misoperation, improve the safety of operation.

8. The guardrail board is provided with angle display, so as to know the angle of back rising when nursing is convenient; there are grooves in the middle of the guardrail boards on both sides to prevent the catheter from sliding and facilitate the drainage of infusion. Aluminum die-casting integral moulding guardrail bracket has higher strength, humanization and better appearance.

9. Casters: Double-sided anti-winding casters with central control lock prevent hair and other debris from entering the casters and causing implementation failure. Four 150 mm diameter casters and four corners of the cart have casters control system. One foot brakes and four wheels are fixed at the same time.

10. The centrally controlled brake connecting rod is formed by an integrated circular pipe to ensure higher strength.

11. Independent central fifth wheel system: control pedals are installed on both sides of the cart, and the fifth wheel of the cart moves freely when it is retracted; when it is used, it is in a “straight” state (the pedal is 70 mm above the ground with better passing ability), which overcomes the inertia force in the process of transportation, effectively controls the direction of forward, and makes the transportation process safer.

12. There are two-stage trays under the bed body. The trays are divided into two parts, which are different in size and depth. There are six leaking holes. The trays are easy to use and can bear 10Kg.

13. Infusion rack collection rack, fixed collection infusion raction rack.

14. Oxygen cylinder shelf, can be placed with a capacity of 500 liters (diameter 105-115mm) of oxygen cylinders.

15. Transfer mattress: the surface of the fabric is waterproof, easy to clean, with zippers at the four corners, and the external fabric can be washed by water; the anti-static three-stage structure can be parallel docking and transporting patients with only one person’s operation.


1pc bed frame;2 pcs integral guardrail;4pcs double-sided casters;4 sets central

control locking pedal;1set of the fifth round of the center;1set of integral lifting

rockers;1set back lift pneumatic spring;1pc large bottom tray;1pc infusion stand;

4pcs jacks for standard infusion stand;1pc oxygen cylinder hanger;1pc mattress;


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