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Daniel Pharmaceutical is an Ethiopian registered company to importation and distribution. The firm is engaged with distribute medical supplies, devices, equipment, diagnostic kit and pharmaceuticals from manufacturers with quality and affordable economic base.

Daniel Pharmaceuticals is established on 2020 GC with the full complements as private company. Its startup capital is 100,000.00 USD.

The founder of the organization, Mr. Daniel Tajebe Yigzaw, is an entrepreneur and visionary to Medical business firm. The enthusiasm made the owner to promote and transfer technology in manufacturing activity.

Daniel Pharmaceutical as a company that is established with a long-term objective of importing high quality, sustainable and affordable medical supplies, devices and equipment products and also pertains to future transform the import based market of pharmaceutical and medical equipment’s in Ethiopia into a manufacturing industry and export based market.

The key axis for Daniel Pharmaceutical is to work closely with professionals, individuals, government supplier and so forth. The targets are the most representative groups to feed them with ideas and challenges of whenever it is needed. Also, these targets are the most effective groups to communicate new developments. The goal is going to present the latest scientific understanding in and accessible way, and this rests easily.

As the owner, has been managing the company called “TTY Pharmaceuticals “ for four years, has built a good relationship with private and public (specialized) hospital, private clinics, health and educational institutions and pharmacies. The company operate in all regions of the territory of Ethiopia and deliver products promptly in order to satisfy the esteemed customer in general and discovering new potential in regard to our supplies with the newly adaptive technologies.

Thus, Daniel Pharmaceutical working with widely quality assured competent manufacturer and suppliers from different origins of Europe and Asia such as Schiller, Tuttnauer, Biolight Meditech Co., Ltd, Better Medical Ltd, LONGFIAN SCITECH CO.,LTD, SHENZEN COMEN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, SHANTOU INSTITUTE OF ULTRASONIC INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD in the area of medical supplies, devices and equipment. Daniel Pharmaceutical has a strong reputation with the above manufacturer suppliers and confident to the supplier in having trifling complains from end users.

Daniel Pharmaceutical as a company believes in team work and mutual benefit where its employees, customers and suppliers are benefited. The staffs are professional, steadfast, sociable and ready to serve customers with respect, honesty and politeness. Our products are up-to date with fair and competitive economic prices and distribution.

To avail the Ethiopian market by purchasing, preparing and distributing pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, equipment and other products, which pertain for the prevention and control of diseases and performing related activities in the health related sector.

Daniel Pharmaceutical’s vision is to become a renowned and respected supplier of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals by long term transform to manufacturing and contribute its role in the market growth of the sector.

Daniel Pharmaceutical operate with a mission by focusing on satisfying its customers in believing that customers are the king’s assets where our professional staff strives to realize. Hence, in particular our company aspires:

  • to meet customers’ demand swiftly and ethically
  • to provide goods and services timely
  • to coordinate with customers in the health and pharmaceuticals industry to supply equipment with latest technology, to fill the gap of supply and demand
  • to work closely with stakeholders in the industry to find ways and play a role in improving the overall efficiency of the health system
  • to satisfy our customers with the delivery of up-to date products and introduce modern technology and know-how

Daniel Pharmaceutical’s values rest in its vision and missions that brings its customers at the center of our service. Thus in order to deliver our supplies of products with a highest range of satisfaction to our customers, our professional staff and the management team believes in Customers loyalty, Render quality products and services, Efficiency, Being Ethical, Honesty, Civility.



We will transport the purchased items to your place.


For any technical problem, we give one year maintenance guarantee.


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